Thursday, May 13, 2004


Hello, welcome to my weblog. First, an explanation: I don't drink milk, and I avoid all milk products. I hate cheese. Nope, I am not lactose intolerant, or a vegan, just not into the whole dairy thing. Occasionally, I will eat some pizza or ice cream, so don't look at me strangely if I do. I'm sure some of you don't eat cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mussels, curry, or entire categories like meat, seafood or green leafy vegetables--so I'm not so different after all.

Surprisingly, my lack of desire to eat any dairy doesn't really affect the range of cuisine I enjoy, although it's kinda hard finding something to eat in a french bistro with all the heavy cream sauces they use. I do have a preference for asian food. Duh.

I am a thirtysomething queer asian, a twin, a wannabe rockstar. I was born in the Philippines, but currently live in Chicago, in East Rogers Park, where the indigent gay population is trying to re-christen as "GRoPa," as there are a whole lot of gropin' going on there. I like the word "queer" because it is inclusive of the diversity of our community. However, you may call me anything you like: gay, homo, fag--they are just words.

This weblog is not about anything political, religious or of any specific social issue. It is just my worldview, my ramblings. Frequently, it is about inconsequential things like tv shows, music, movies, guyz. My writing style is meant to be humorous and therefore some aspects of my blog are outspoken, outlandish and otherwise exaggerated. My tongue is firmly in cheek--don't take anything I write too seriously. So, relax, stay awhile and please feel free to put in your two cents and join the fray.

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pinks said...

hey i have linked ur site to mine

Sparky said...

Thanks for the link Paul!

hot-lunch said...

i don't like mushrooms.

i however love cheese, but sadly have an allergy to cow dairy (i develop a scalp rash, it's really fun). luckily, there's enough goat and sheep cheese to go around and rice milk for my cereal. living cow-dairy free for 8 years and counting...

Jeb said...

i am a huge dairy consumer, but i can't actually say that i disagree with your approach. i am an early 20s male with low bone density. that is a rarity, especially given my high dairy consumption. according to the propagandists, milk should be doing my body good. then why is it that the US has the highest incidences of osteoporosis, in stark contrast to, say, asian populations where dairy is nearly non-existent? apologies on the mini-rant. good day sir.