Tuesday, December 14, 2004


These are some of the books, CDs, DVDs and others that I have written posts about in No Milk Please. My friends and I have sort of a bookclub where when somebody reads a really good book or CD, they share it with the rest of the group. This is sort of the online version of that.

In each of the posts, there is a link provided to buy the item from Amazon. If you decide to buy an item through the link, I get a small commission. I appreciate it if you do; it will buy my kittyz food for 1 day.

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Here are some books on my nightstand

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Rae said...

I saw that Ann Packer novel at the bookstore the other day, and it caught my eye because of your post about it. I almost bought it, except I didn't have money. I like it when you mention books though, just more good reads to add onto my exponentially growing to-read list.

Gorgeous Girl said...

I love the Time Travelers Wife. I also just finished Kafka on the shore. excellent.