Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Our families are NOT a political statement

What significance does the Gay Rights bill have for you personally?

I am lucky to be someone who has not had to deal with outright discrimination, possibly because I don’t have the stereotypical characteristics of being gay: effeminate mannerisms, a noticeable lisp or unusually smooth skin.

And being Asian explains away any other questionable characteristics:

"Oh, he doesn’t stare at my breasts, Asians are so polite!"
"It’s been the third date and he hasn’t made a move, Asians are so respectful!"
"He likes to sew and make quilts, Asians are so cultured!"

Sure, I can pass for straight at work. And I don’t have to worry about getting beat up when I walk down the street because I know kung fu and how to wield flying daggers. But the second I put my boyfriend’s picture on my desk, I am gay. If one day, I bring my daughter to Take Our Kids to Work Day, I am outing myself, shoving my homosexuality into people’s faces.

I think that a lot of gay people who think that we shouldn’t be pushing for gay marriage right now, don’t understand that this is about our families. It's not about your goddamn Vera Wang gown, ok? Stop thinking about yourself, your million dollar townhome and the pied รก terre in Manhattan.

It's a very radical idea: WE ARE COMING OUT AS FAMILIES.

By not coming out as families, we are perpetuating the stereotype that we are hedonists and that being gay is about sex. While I don’t need protection myself, my family needs it. Ironically, the right wing claims that they are protecting families, children, marriages when their actions clearly show they are not.

Our families are not a political statement! Our families are not an agenda! Our families deserve to come out of the closet!


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Joey said...

Bravo!! I too am waiting for god to come out of the control room to tell us we've all been PUNK'd!!

This no-nononsense yet humorous interview should serve as a reminder that sometimes many of us take ourselves TOO seriously!

Thanks Paul! :)

Anonymous said...

Come on up to Canada!