Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Rapture happens this Saturday!

According to Harold Camping, predictor of the Rapture, in New York Magazine:
The Christian movement that believes Judgment Day will occur on May 21 — ten days from now. They've put up billboards, they've handed out fliers. Some of them have even burned through all of their savings, so convinced are they that the world is going to end on May 21 and they'll no longer need it. That's the most incredible part of this bizarre story — that these people are so sure about something so incredibly unlikely. How can that be? To find out, we went right to the source: Harold Camping, the gravely voiced, 89-year-old founder of Family Radio; the man who pinpointed May 21 as the exact date of the Rapture based on clues sprinkled throughout the Bible. He is very confident in his prediction.

Check out the deets of this faaabulous event here.

MN Jeweler has a 50% off sale below.  Wonder why he isn't just giving it away? He can't take his money with him.

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