Wednesday, August 10, 2011

James Franco Confesses To Making Sex Tape

TMZ--get on this--stat!!!
At the Toronto International Film Festival last year, [MTV] chatted with Franco about "127 Hours" and the various ways in which his character and the actor himself capture their lives on camera. We wanted to know: Had Franco ever succumbed to the pitfall of so many folks in Hollywood and shot a homemade sex tape?

"I don't document certain activities in my life," he promised us.

Then, Franco plopped onto Conan O'Brien's late-night couch Tuesday and told the TBS host that he actually had dabbled in X-rated moviemaking.

The "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" star admitted to recording himself "when I was young." "It's not like I went down to Van Nuys and tried to break into the porn industry," he explained. "I got a video camera, and my girlfriend and I decided to film ourselves, and watched it back and said, 'Yeah, let's never watch that again.' "

Of course, now the question becomes: Will anyone ever watch the sex tape again? Will someone locate the footage, sell it to the highest bidder and sit back as the 24-hour news cycle goes wild? Given his low opinion of the activities captured on the sex tape, Franco probably would not be so pleased.
Via MTV.

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