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Other Voices - Archived Quotes

"cooking for others makes me happy. given that i know how to cook only one dish, that leaves me happy for one day. today. i am happy nonetheless. cheer for me, my audience. cheer and cheer loudly."

- cristina
escape key


"It's a job, not a joke. We're not here to make friends."

- daniel
...was I there?


"I do so hate to go to bed on the last day of a vacation, or a long weekend like this. Going to bed is admitting that tomorrow is going to come."

- shaded-lily
The Nervous Breakdown Chronicles


"Now that CLS Boy and I are an item, do I tell him about my blog? There isn't anything on it that's a huge secret, but at the same time, I wouldn't want him to get upset because I do write about him..."

- Dr. Philomena
The Bell Jarred


"Well, I'm sick of this shit. Whether he's seein another girl or not, it's over. The cell that he pays for has been canceled. Which is good, cause now I won't have the urges to call him. Or uh, it won't be as easy to call him."

- Viv
Lil Ms Angel Shoutz


"You can know a person forever, you can think you know someone inside and out, but predictable as they are to you, they're always going to remain unpredictable. People change, develop, get closer to you or move farther away; things happen to make an impossibility the present situation. There is no human nature, simply that humans exist in nature."

- Rae


"What kind of sicko came up with the idea of an automated receptionist?! Not only do you have to sit there and still go around in circles trying to find the right person to speak with, but you have to remember all the menu options, since you have to actually say your choice after all the options have been said. I felt like I was losing my mind and talking to myself."

- Jen
Queerly Canadian


"I’m an abstract thinker, I try to relate the smallest of small things to the largest patterns of thought that I can. This is really not a quality that is required in this job, but then again, few jobs I have had have really required such a disposition. So once again, I find myself in a place where it is best to be low-key about my intellectual or artistic inclinations..."

- Peter
Changes in the Glass


"I didn't cry at the memorial service. Not at first. I only floated back and forth, greeting people who said they knew me when I was this tall, just a little girl sitting quiet in the corner. I wanted to sit in that corner still, but instead I nodded and stepped away not knowing who they were..."

- razz
As I Knew Her


"I hate that my mom and I don't talk to each other anymore. I know for sure that the tension comes from the fact that I resent her for calling me a liar when all I was trying to do was protect her. I struggled to find a way to tell her the truth about her philandering boyfriend as gently as possible and what did she do? She called me a liar and chose to give all her love to him over her own children..."

- Tanya


"So what is up with C, lately? I try to focus on life WITHOUT her. I try to really let it sink in that it's OVER and it's over FOR GOOD. Hell, just a couple of hours ago, I was on the couch dreaming of having sex with another girl. And I loved it. That's a start, ain't it? I woke up with this huge smile on my face and a genuine, newfound sense of optimism over me. Yes, I know, this sounds hilariously silly. Fuck that. I felt good. I feel good. I'm letting go..."

- D
Reversing the Irreversible


"[Giving up meat] made me wonder what sorts of things I will encounter when trying to eat at other people's houses. All the questions, the how's and why's. I wasn't ready for this aspect, I just wanted to change my diet for the better..."

- David


"I remember the first time I saw my Dad cry. When my parents told my brother and I they were getting a divorce, and my mother left. My Dad held us both on His lap, His arm was so strong about me that I could barely breathe. He was holding me so tightly that the buttons on his shirt left imprints on my cheek. I could feel each sob, each wild heartbeat, each shudder of pain. And I remember praying that I'd never hurt anybody the way he was hurting."

- Freak Angel
Confessions of a Slut


"I will never forget my first taste of Moscato d'oro. Straw colored wine. In the wind I drank the sweet humid fungus of the turf. In the glass I stepped on the plum stones of the birds' leavings. In the glass I smelled the dust of my grandfather's body."

- Owen Hansen
Broccoli and Bechamel

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