Saturday, June 05, 2004

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About the Project

Because people have taken the time to share their views in No Milk Please, I want to return the favor by sharing with you some of their thoughts, their words. These are words I have found while surfing their blogs that struck me for the richness of their experience, their deranged lives or just coz I feel like it. I hope you check them out.

I am also very grateful to other bloggers who have, through linkage or even openly promoting my own blog. For these people, this is my way of saying a very big "thank you." I appreciate your efforts and please let me know so I can make sure to feature you here.

I may edit the quotes for brevity, but I hope to capture the spirit in which the words were written. Please let me know if you have been quoted and if my editing disturbs you. I will be more than happy to comply with your wishes.

I will primarily feature quotes from people who already participate in this site through commenting or by linking to me. I think this is necessary because of the adult content which may be offensive to some. I don’t want to make it seem by featuring these quotes, they are affiliated in any way without their permission through my linkage.

These quotes are updated as I find them, there will be no set schedule.

Submissions are accepted, you can e-mail your submission to me here. Most often, I look at who were the people who commented recently and I choose something from their blogs.

Comments are a good way for people to find you. I know I have found some great blogs by reading their thoughtful comments in other blogs I read.

If you have HaloScan and you want to discuss a topic related to one of my posts or if you want to continue the discussion to your own blog, use the trackback feature, if you have it. If don't have HaloScan, send me an e-mail letting me know which post you want to trackback, your URL, and I'll put it in for you. People check those trackbacks you know, it's free publicity for your own posts :)

Happy reading!

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Tanya said...

Hi Paul! I think this is an awesome project. Thanks for quoting me! I'm glad to know that I've written something even slightly interesting :)

Avatar said...

Paul! Dahling! If you stroke my ego any more, it's gonna blow all over your hands. We don't want that, now do we? ;-) Thanks for quoting me... I'll do what I can to cross-refer you, 'cuz we cool like dat. *mwah!*

Anonymous said...

hey, i've got something like that too, except it's more of a quotes section, and sometimes i quote webloggers, sometimes i quote writers, etc, but it works about the same. i think what i'm going to do next though is to put in a submission form so that people can promote their site if they want, though it's still up to me to post it :)

great weblog, btw. i've been here a few times before but i lost my way sometime ago. glad to find you again.

- emily

Nurse Mia said...

I love this feature of your page and am incredibly honored to have been quoted on your site! I had always wondered what trackback meant - you're like a blogging mentor to me. ;-) Thanks!

deborah said...

Thanks for quoting me Paul! I am honoured... and I feel famous... even if it is for a little while in bloggng world. You know how much I dig this blog and now I dig it even more! Pass the milk, ill drink it for ya :)

Misha said...

Hey Paul, thanks for quoting me. Still loving the blog, keep on writing! :)

FilthyRottenAngel said...

I think that is possibly the most...awsome (LIKE 2 HOT DOGS!) thing I've read in a really REALLY long time.
Rock on man, you're my hero!

natalie said...

I was just wondering if you keep a list of the quotes that you've selected as well as the site they came from. I'd be interested to see the ones I missed.

ericorbit said...

hey hey! thanks for quoting me... just noticed it. your blog rocks and always has me laughing. xxxooo :)

Sk8RN said...

wow. how cool to be deemed quote-worthy! and how fun to read quotes from other blogs! thanks!

Varla said...

I feel so damned lucky I'm just beside myself! Thanks for quoting me! I've always adored your even more so...=)