Monday, July 26, 2004

10. What do you think of the growing numbers of blogs lately?

Do you think it undermines the novelty of blogging, or do you find it encouraging, etc?

I think that the growth of blogs is a good thing. I think that how blogs have affected traditional journalism has been tremendous. Baghdad Blogger “Salaam Pax” has made us look at how things are in Iraq in the point of view of someone who is really living it. There are military personnel in Iraq that are maintaining blogs that take us right to the middle of the fight. This is truly revolutionary.

Also, the way I see it, it’s like books. There are a million books out there, and each of them has some sort of audience. Some have 1 or 2 readers, others 50 and some of them are incredibly popular with thousands of readers. The difference is, the success of a blog depends on the individual. If Heather is happy that her friends Heather, Heather and Veronica read it, then it is a success.

I think that blogging has taken literature, news or journalism out of the hands of the publishing elite. Now, anybody who has a unique point of view, a talent for writing or an entertaining site can have access to readers worldwide. This has certainly not been available before.

When I started the blog originally, I was thinking that my blog could be used as a portfolio to approach publishers. Now, quite possibly, publishers will come to me instead. Do I think this will happen? Probably not, but maybe my writing will improve or that my site will garner some significant readership that it could happen. I am hopeful.


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Berry said...

Nice interview. Very insightful.

no milk said...

thank you, berry!

David from KC said...


You're too modest about your writing. I came across your blog today and enjoyed reading your Interview and Manifesto. We have three areas of commonality: I'm gay; my daughter lives in Chicago; I grew up in Asia.

I look forward to checking in on your life, fictionalized though it may be.