Monday, July 26, 2004

4. How often do you blog?

I guess this question can be taken two ways: How often do I post? Or How often do I maintain my blog?

When I first started, I would post constantly, creating multiple posts a day. It was kind of a stream-of-consciousness thing where if I thought of something even remotely interesting, I would capture that thought by posting it. I think this is because I had constant access to the internet at work and at home, it made it very easy for me to do so. But I got bored with it, or life took over, I don’t remember which. It took too much effort so that was when I took my hiatus. Nowadays, I only write about one post a week.

On the second question, when I have access to the internet, I check the status of my blog. I respond to comments, review the tagboard or guestbook entries. I compulsively check the site statistics for how readers find the site, or where I have been quoted or linked to. My boyfriend thinks that I maintain my blog whenever I have “free” time. The word free is in quotes because I will blog if I am not doing anything at work, watching TV, or between dinner and dessert.

I almost think of it as a second job, a very poorly paid one. I am on my blog all the time, whether reading and responding to reader comments, updating links, editing posts, coding HTML, researching, changing the look of the site, reviewing site statistics or promoting my blog.

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