Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Call me "Kitty"

How does your Asian heritage factor into your sexuality? Or does it?

I don’t think that it factors in at all. Sexuality is not a quadratic equation. It’s not Gay square(d) dancing + bedazzler + sequined gown = sexuality.

I don’t think I behave differently from other gay men because of being Asian. Gay people may say that Asians are different, but in fact, I find that I’m just as slutty as they are.

However, I do find myself being stereotyped by other gay men as some sort of exotic and effeminate creature and that really offends me. I am most definitely not a creature. Sure, I like to wear fur when it’s cold or snowing or if I’m in the middle of a PETA rally, but please don’t call me a creature. Call me “kitty” instead.

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