Thursday, June 16, 2011

New York Giants David Tyree is a Homophobe

David Tyree says that "Gay marriage will lead us into anarchy." I'm sorry, how is this supposed to happen? How do people who love each other turn into anarchy? Gay people have been around since the beginning of time and as far as I can tell, we have not contributed to anarchy. If anything, our commitment to art, fashion and home decor has made life more civilized.

According to the New York Giant:
'Marriage is the only relationship that actually mirrors our relationship with god, it's very unique in that way.'

Asked what message gay marriage sends, he replies: 'It says that you don't need a mother or father.

He adds: 'You can't teach what you don't have, two men can't teach a woman how to be a woman. That's just simple that's just common sense, not political, I approach more from an angle of prayer.'
Also, it has been proven by many studies that having gay parents does not make children grow up lacking anything. Single parents everywhere can attest to this.  And there are many children out there who need parents to adopt them and following what his logic would be is that he would rather these children languish and die rather than have gay people be their parents. Is that common sense? Don't talk out of your ass David Tyree.

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