Thursday, June 16, 2011

Straight Rapper Lil B calls his album "I'm Gay"

Lil B has been talking about calling his album "I'm Gay" just to prove a point: words mean nothing. He's willing to toe the line (and make a media splash) by using a provocative title. However, upon releasing the album cover art, he changes the title to add "(I'm Happy)" to clarify that he is in fact, not gay.
The Berkeley, California, rapper feels that his polarizing album title will help take the sting out of the word "gay" and eventually lead to global acceptance. "People use evil words, money, separation, stuff like that. I just wanted to make this to show words don't mean anything," he said.

This tells me just two things: one, Lil B has successfully proven that WORDS DO MEAN SOMETHING and second, he's just full of hot air and is willing to use our fight to promote his stupid album.

The cover art is below, blah blah blah, who cares.  Read the rest at MTV.

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