Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Finger length can reveal how large your penis is

It’s not just a myth, researchers say: If a man’s index and ring fingers are about the same length, there really is a higher probability that the length of his penis will correlate. It’s more likely to be longer, reported LiveScience on July 4.

The finding was announced in the Asian Journal of Andrology. According to researchers, the finger length/penis length correlation reflects hormone levels that influence an individual’s development in utero.

"The idea that men’s finger ratio and hormone exposure are linked is not a new one," the LiveScience article noted. "Studies have found that the ratio between the second and fourth finger is related to sperm count, likelihood of heart attack, hand preference, facial masculinity and more.

"One small 2002 study published in the journal Urology found a correlation between the length of the index finger and genital size in healthy men under 40, suggesting that testosterone exposure in the womb affects the growth of both."

What a relief. Now I can take down the secret webcam I set-up in my guest bathroom to figure this out.

Via EdgeChicago.

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