Friday, December 10, 2004

The Dive From Clausen's Pier

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Jason Bohan says:
I really like parts of it although the main character is driving me nuts. It is a very real depiction of life. I thought she was a very unsympathetic character 1/2 way through the book though. She seems incapable of making any kind of decision whatsoever and just randomly keeps hurting the people she supposedly loves. Now granted, she's only 23 so you could say that she's young, but the book doesn't seem to imply that she's learning anything. She runs away from Mike in the beginning, which is on some level understandable. I mean who knows what one would do in that situation. She runs to New York and you feel, "Ok, she needs to get away and maybe start a life of her own outside of Madison." She starts a life with this Kilroy guy and you just want to throttle her because she doesn't express herself at all. He calls the shots and she loves it but is frustrated that he does it, and then in the end goes back to Madison and in my opinion hasn't learned anything. She's like a ping pong ball that just bounces from situation to situation. I just wanted to smack her...

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